Streetwise Opera Workshop

There are many things to look forward to at the end of a working week; spending time with your friends, going home and putting your feet up and most importantly, knowing you don’t have to wake-up to an alarm in the morning. This Friday evening was different though, this Friday three quarters of “Team Comms” were heading out on a mission to find out more about Streetwise Opera!

The guys and girls at Streetwise had been kind enough to invite Rebecca (blog expert), Michael (marketeer extraordinaire) & I, to observe one of their workshops so we could truly get to grips with what they were achieving- an opportunity not many people get. I had no idea what to expect when I walked into the room, the three of us huddled together like it was our first day at school, but it didn’t take very long for every single person around us to say hi.

As we took our seats in a giant circle and began warming up, it became hugely apparent that we were not just observing. That’s ok; we can do this, one problem… I can’t sing! Streetwise isn’t just about singing; it’s about allowing people the opportunity to be creative, to express themselves and we all rose to the challenge. By the end, I was shaking limbs like nobody was watching as the confidence and energy displayed by everyone in the group was contagious.

“This Friday evening was different though, this Friday three quarters of “Team Comms” were heading out on a mission to find out more about Streetwise Opera!”

The demonstration of creativity in this particular workshop also involved the use of miming with a plastic hoop. After thinking long and hard as to what I would perform, I knew what I was going to do if I was picked. It was a classic, unbeatable- I was convinced that nobody would have this idea. When the group leader looked in our direction, after one gentleman had finished miming ‘bomb disposal expert’, it was obvious that my hula-hoop idea should be saved for another day! The enthusiasm in the room was incredible. Even the quietest people in the room suddenly sprang to life when we started singing, including our very own Michael, who is clearly an undiscovered talent!

I could let you know more about what we were singing, but instead, I suggest you all come to see Fables- A Film Opera on the 17 December as part of the Winter Festival and discover exactly what we were up to. I promise you, it will not disappoint.

Danielle Sutcliffe
Box Office Assistant

Fables – A Film Opera
Friday 17 December 2010
5.00pm, 7.00pm & 9.00pm

Shoreditch Church (St Leonard’s)
Tickets £15 (£10 restricted view)

For more information and to book visit


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