My Favourite Place: Uju

It’s time for more revelations from our staff about where they  love to spend their time in Spitalfields. This week Finance Director,  and chocoholic, Uju, tells us about her favourite place.

I’m still relatively new to Spitalfields Music and the area, so I haven’t had enough time to explore Spitalfields properly, so my favourite places might well change in about two months.  At the moment though, I do have two  particular favourites:

Christ Church Spitalfields.  I love the presence of the building, which is unmissable in the area, and beautiful to look at.  A very close friend of mine was the daughter of one of the former vicars, and seeing the church reminds me very much of lovely younger days spent in the vicarage and a very memorable occasion in the church itself.  I really enjoy all the Spitalfields Music events in the church.

My second favourite place is the eatery, Crepe affaire.  Why, you ask?  Well, one, it’s seconds away from the office, and two, the crepes are lovely, but the main draw for me is the chocolate chip ice-cream shake which I indulge in at least once a week.  I love chocolate, I love ice-cream, and this just ticks the right boxes for me.

Uju Maduforo
Finance Manager


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