Jazz at the English Restaurant

After a busy Monday at work I was very pleased to be heading across the road to The English Restaurant for their regular Jazz Night.

The atmosphere inside the newly refurbished restaurant was lovely; the dark wooden panelling and low, but not too low, lighting gave it a very cosy yet sophisticated feel, there was a nice buzz from the customers waiting in anticipation for the band to start, and of course the inviting smell of food!

The band were positioned in a corner of the restaurant, at floor level, which made their performance seem very intimate despite the fact that I was seated at the opposite end of the bar. The music itself was wonderful;  The Robin Harris band led by Robin Harris and featuring charming vocals from Tiffany Schellenberg, they transported us across the channel via their soulful renditions of Brel, Piaf and Gainsbourg, I had to glance out of the window on to Brushfield Street to remind myself I was still in London!

So if you’re looking for a little Monday night escapism I would highly recommend that you take a trip to the English Restaurant’s Jazz Night.  It’s a great venue with an atmosphere perfect for enjoying great food, delicious wine and quality music.

Charlotte Linton
Box Office Manager

See The Robin Harris Jazz Band perform every Monday from 7.30pm @
The English Restaurant,
50/52 Brushfield Street
London E1 6AG

Listen to the band online at http://robinharris.info/?page_id=115

Dont miss our Summer Festival event Tafelmusik at The English Restaurant on Friday 10 June 7pm


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