My first two weeks as an Intern: Stacey

Joining the vibrant team at Spitalfields Music during the month leading up to the Summer Festival is an experience like no other.  I have been able to observe, and participate in, the final yet critical stages of the work that goes into finalising this massive musical event.  Many of the projects that are happening at the festival have been going on for a long period of time and are finally coming to the pinnacle of performance, as is the case with the premiere of the opera We are Shadows, which has been in the making for two solid years.

Wednesday evenings and Thursday lunchtimes are the times for choirs to be tended to, and of course, also participate in as well.  Women sing East and Spitalfields Singers each have their own very distinct style, and both are wonderful examples of flourishing community choirs where the participants can create music whilst having a lot of fun.  My time in the office has been one of learning more about the ‘’ins and outs’’ of running various education projects, with all of them at different stages in their development.

While the days here at Spitalfields Music are underlined by the constant and almost inaudible hum ‘Festival, Festival, Festival, Festival’, I also find it very exciting that several of my projects focus on what happens after the Festival ends. Being involved in the work that allows the Festival the flourish, as well as the projects that are sustained throughout the year has been the highlight of my time so far at Spitalfields Music.  I can tell that each day gets more intense and exciting and I am eagerly anticipating my first Summer Festival; experiencing the events from the inside out.  I’ll see you there!

Stacey Kurtz
Learning & Participation Intern

Image credit: Women sing East by Suke Driver


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