60 Seconds With…Clarinettist Stuart King

Clarinettist with CHROMA, Stuart King took some time out to answer our quick-fire questions about his inspirations, performing with CHROMA and his favourite venues:

What’s the most played track from your MP3 player/CD collection?
Richard Strauss – Metamorphosen

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A chef

What would you most like your audiences to take away from your performances?
A feeling of having shared a musical adventure with me.

Why did you choose to play the clarinet?
When I was a small child a group of musicians came into my primary school and played Peter and the Wolf. I instantly fell in love with the clarinet. I went home and plagued my parents until they bought me my first instrument.

What inspires you?

What’s your favourite venue to perform in?
There are so many wonderful places to perform, but aside from the big purpose-built halls, the village hall on Fair Isle in the Shetlands is one of the most magical places. Music is woven into the fabric of the community and the audience there, though small, lives and breathes each performance with you. Every time I share my music with the audience and musicians there I am reminded what a unique gift it is.

What do you like about working with Spitalfields Music?
Spitalfields Music has always been fearless in its programming of new, experimental or challenging music alongside more standard repertoire. This visionary approach is all too rare in the UK and is something to be cherished.

Who’s your favourite fictional hero?

Do you have a favourite piece or repertoire to perform, if so what?
Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time

What do you like about performing with CHROMA?
CHROMA is my family. We have grown up with each other. Making music, being creative and sharing a deep connection through music with people who are so close to you is a privilege. The energy that we share in the ensemble is all about positivity – it’s all about our passion for sharing our love of music with our audiences.

Sum up CHROMA’s Summer Festival event in three words:

Stuart will be performing the world premiere of Rolf Hind’s Spitalfields Music commission, Sit, Stand, Walk at Christ Church Spitalfields this evening (Monday 20 June) at 7.30pm.
Tickets £10

Book now!


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