60 seconds with…Kate Kelly: Programme Director for Festivals

Kate Kelly joined us just before the Summer Festival as our new Programme Director for Festivals and we’re thrilled to have her, and her programming expertise, as part of our team.

We thought we’d fire off one of our ’60 seconds’ interviews with Kate, so you can get to know her a little better…

1.       What was the first CD/LP/Album you bought?

I actually didn’t start buying music until quite late – my parents have quite an extensive collection of LP’s so we used to listen to loads of classics like Dire Straits and the Rolling Stones. Unfortunately I think the first LP that I bought was by Vanilla Ice, although I’m not sure I should be admitting that.

 2.       Who’s your favourite composer?

I tend to fluctuate depending on my mood – but Bach remains a firm favourite.

 3.       Last concert/gig you went to?

Last week I went to Wilton’s Music Hall to see Alina Ibragimova with visuals by The Quay Brothers – I was blown away by Alina’s technical ability and inherent musicality, and the programme worked so well in that beautiful old building.

4.       What did you want to be when you grew up?

A dancer – I still harbour the dream.

 5.       You have a bit of a flair for adventure – what’s the craziest thing you’ve done lately?

A skydive straight after the Summer Festival! I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone – and I didn’t break anything which was a bonus!

 6.       What were you doing before Spitalfields Music?

Many things! I am a flautist, so I have spent quite a lot of time abroad playing with orchestras in Hong Kong and Portugal as well as touring and doing TV and radio work back in UK. I also worked for companies such as Serious, BBCSO and the Proms and directly before coming to Spitalfields  I spent a year producing the jazz and folk strands at Kings Place.

 7.       What excites you most about working with Spitalfields Music?

I love this area – I think the East end of London displays incredible diversity and opportunity, and its history is fascinating. I find the fact that SM has a vast pool of inspiration on its doorstep very exciting, and am very much enjoying meeting the eclectic and interesting artists and people associated with SM.

 8.       What / who inspires you?

People who are selfless.

If we are talking artistically then there are many who inspire me. Diaghilev, Freud, Martha Graham and Bach have always inspired me, either for their ingenious minds, the fact they continually pushed boundaries or that they changed perceptions of art during their lifetime. I am also inspired by the creative ways in which artists and musicians continue to produce concepts of quality and innovation during our time in the face of ever-diminishing funding and support.

 9.       Without giving too much away, what can you tell us about the Winter Festival this year?

We have an exciting mix of beautiful music, tantalising food, and someone suspended from the ceiling of Christ Church………more anon!

Booking for the Winter Festival will open mid September but keep checking our website for updates, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter


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