Intern Diary: Niharika says ‘Hello’

Hello – Niharika here, the new Marketing and Communications Intern at Spitalfields Music.

It has been four weeks since my first day and am really enjoying it. Spitalfields Music is in a wonderful location – in case the name didn’t give it away already – its HQ resides on the always busy Brushfield Street. It is lovely to work at my desk because I am able to hear live music from the market, and since a lot of restaurants and cafes crowd Spitalfields, the aromas from busy kitchens always waft in.

What we’ve been up to:

We have had the first recruitment session for Women sing East. If you want to join, or are interested in joining our other community choir Spitalfields Singers click here to find out more.

We are also currently working on our Winter Festival, and I wanted to share the new brochure with you:

Spitalfields Music Winter Festival 2011 Brochure
Spitalfields Music Winter Festival 2011 Brochure

The brochure has been illustrated by Joanna Moore. You can read more about Joanna, and see some of her unique work here.

Currently, I am working on the Winter Festival 2011 programme book – compiling and collating artists’ information. I love reading about the performers and their work. The line up this year is excellent and I am really looking forward to the festival!

Some more news:

  • Our Twitter has hit the 2000 mark and is growing – if you are not following us already – here is a link to the page

Niharika Jain
Marketing and Communications Intern


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