Artist Focus: Joglaresa

Joglaresa are early music’s self-confessed ‘bit of rough’. Since 1992 director Belinda Sykes and her band have been recreating medieval music from Europe and the Middle-East for modern audiences. They deliberately push the boundaries of what people think of as early music, pulling together elements of many different styles (including Flamenco and Celtic music!) to create their unique sound; an extraordinary blend which engages listeners and breathes new life into the notes.

The group are regular guests at venues and festivals around the world, and have attracted acclaim and awards for their unusual programmes in which Christian/European music confronts Middle-Eastern/Arabic/Jewish music (such as their Crusades inspired The Scimitar and the Sword).

Their busy schedule sees them at performing at Brighton Early Music Festival next week, exploring the flavours of Moorish Spain in Dancing Girls of Granada, before heading off around the country on tour arriving in Spitalfields on 19 December for Yoolis, an evening of medieval carolling and music-making. And somehow they’ve still managed to find time to run/swim/cycle an Olympic Triathlon!

To get a taste for the sounds of Joglaresa, check out our Winter Festival playlist on Spotify, as well as a few more musical treats by clicking the links below.

Winter Festival 2011 Playlist

Spitalfields Music’s Joglaresa Picks

Monday 19 December, 7.00pm
Shoreditch Church
Book now! (Tickets from £5)


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