The Big Give Christmas Challenge

With the Big Give we have launched a new campaign to support some of the most important work within our Learning & Participation programme – and you can help us! We regularly work with children and adults who have special educational needs, using music to build skills, increase confidence and raise aspirations.

Our challenge this Christmas is to raise £72,000 to make sure that we can keep working with these extraordinary people in 2012. You can make a difference by donating with the Big Give on Monday 5 December from 10am onwards; if you do the Big Give will match your donation pushing us closer to our target.

‘Spitalfields Music projects… [are] central to enabling them to develop, to progress socially and emotionally’

One of the organisations we work with in this part of our programme is the Cherry Trees School. Head Teacher, Stuart Walker shared with us what the programme means to the participants and the school:

‘The Cherry Trees is a school for boys in Tower Hamlets with severe emotional and social difficulties, we have a well earned reputation for innovation in teaching.  In constructing a creative and expressive learning environment for our pupils, we have brought in the very best from the range of specialist expertise.

‘Spitalfields Music’s involvement has been central to this process for over ten years. They have developed a series of innovative improvisation and performance workshops which have presented opportunities with transformational potential.

‘Looking back over their time here, ex-pupils very frequently specify their involvement in the performing arts of the Spitalfields Music projects, as being central to enabling them to develop, to progress socially and emotionally. We have a small amount of recorded video and audio from this work which we’d be happy to share and discuss with anyone interested in the capabilities of well delivered arts education in helping young people overcome social and emotional barriers to their progress.’

If you’d like to see some of the work we’ve done with the Cherry Trees, have a look at the collection of videos on the school’s website.


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