We’ve got mail from Brighton

Joglaresa will be performing eclectic medieval music at the Winter Festival this year. Having taken part in the Brighton Early Music Festival, they will begin their ‘On Yoolis Night’ tour very soon! They sent us a postcard from ‘sunny’ Brighton:

Joglaresa's postcard from Brighton
Joglaresa’s postcard from Brighton

Dear Spitalfields Music,

Well we’ve had a wonderful time down at the Brighton Early Music Festival (BREMF) this year.  With singing medieval slave girls, belly dancers and the wonderful Brighton Community Choir taking part, the night was never going to be anything but exhilarating! Despite a bit of rain the audience came out in force, even singing and dancing along with us, it was absolutely amazing.

Only 4 weeks to go now until we begin our On Yoolis Night tour, eek!  Really looking forward to coming back to see you all again on Dec. 19th, we’ll be sure to keep you updated with all things Christmassy through Twitter @_Joglaresa
Hope you’re having a wonderful time with the preparations for your Winter Festival!

See you soon,

We’ve compiled a Joglaresa playlist on Spotify for you to sample some delectable traditional English music from the 12th-15th Century. Joglaresa will be performing at the Winter Festival on Monday 19 December from 7pm to 8pm. For more details, head over to our website. Tickets £5-£15.


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