My Favourite Place for…Hot and Hearty food – Micha food stall

Spitalfields Music has a new exciting series of feature posts coming up. We are finding out where our staff like to wander in Spitalfields when they are not busy working. In this staff pick post, Cathy Birch, our Learning & Participation Programme Manager explains to us what a bread bowl is, and points us in the right direction to find hot and hearty food in Spitalfields Market!



With so much to grab your attention in the bustle of Spitalfields Market it could be easy to miss one of this area’s real food treats! Nestled in a corner of the Old Spitalfields Market, there’s a row of food stalls and right in the middle, often masked by the queues for its wares, is Micha. Here you’ll find an assortment of delicious goodies, from beautiful fresh salads and soups to falafel and sandwiches. But for me the reward of the queue is their hot & hearty baked potatoes and, discovered to my joy a few weeks ago, bread bowls (for the uninitiated these are pasta and sauces but served in a freshly baked bowl of bread – Obviously). The fillings are always brilliantly put together and there’s a good range to choose from; plus the portions are so huge there’s often enough to save for later! It’s definitely also worth mentioning that despite the generous servings and beautiful ingredients you’ll never spend more than a few pounds in Micha – though you might have to allow a few more for a mid afternoon coffee after such a hearty lunch…

Micha is located in Old Spitalfields Market.


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