Winter Festival Staff Pick: European Union Baroque Orchestra

Bringing you their own personal festival favourite this week is Sylvain Malburet, our very own Development Manager.

After a few days of friendly jostling with an EU-related application for funding, nothing will soothe me more than seeing cultural Europe in action. I have heard so much about the European Union Baroque Orchestra (EUBO), and look forward to seeing talented young musicians from all over Europe perform a range of German and Italian music that moves away from the baroque style, and starts to reorder musical priorities. Though I must confess, J.S. Bach is one of my favourite composers… I am no expert in baroque music but feel extremely attracted to the balance and symmetry in his compositions (if you want to read more on this, see the late pianist S Richter’s comments in ‘The Enigma’). In their concert, EUBO will be interpreting J.S. Bach’s Suite No.2, BWV 1067, and I can hardly wait!

Join Sylvain at A Breath of Enlightenment on Saturday 17 December at 7.00pm at Shoreditch Church (St Leonard’s). Tickets start from £5.00 and you can book online via our website.

Read more about EUBO’s programme.

Listen to EUBO and items from their programme in our Winter Festival Spotify playlist.


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