Staff Pick: Gallicantus

As the Winter Festival draws ever closer, Marketing & Box Office Assistant, Michael Duffy, shares why he thinks Gallicantus’s Dialogues of Sorrow is one of the unmissable events this festival.

So, Gallicantus may be one of this festival’s lesser known artists, but are most definitely one of the most unmissable! Their early-seventeenth century programme is taken from a period of national mourning (for Henry, Prince of Wales) that has probably never been matched or produced such a large extraordinary outpouring of grief-stricken and wholly beautiful music.

What is also striking is the sheer variety of what emerged  (as the selection for this concert demonstrates), with lute songs such as John Coprario’s O Grief, lamenting madrigals like Tis Now the Dead Night by Thomas Ford and sacred anthems using texts describing King David’s loss of his son Absalom. Some of the works may be familiar, but many won’t and are a treat to discover.

Gallicantus deliver this with ease and clarity – do check out their tracks on our Spotify Winter Festival playlist (some of which are in their Dialogues of Sorrow programme).

Gallicantus perform on Thursday 15 December, 7.00pm at Shoreditch Church (St Leonard’s). Book your tickets online.


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