Staff Pick: Yoolis

This winter I’ll be getting my Festive fix from Jogleresa, with their marvellously medieval programme of traditional English music. Think jousting, dancing, carolling and period instruments! What more could you want?!

The group, directed by Belinda Sykes have been performing their mix of ancient and traditional music since 1992 combining elements of Medieval, Middle Eastern, Flamenco and Celtic sounds. Their Winter Festival programme includes English, Spanish and Italian carols from the twelfth century to the sixteenth. Originally these carols (made up of song and dance) would have been rooted in pagan traditions and had no religious connections but, as most carolling was done on religious feast days the church gradually stifled the carol until nothing was left other than a religious song to be performed. What I love about Jogleresa is the way they embody the boldness and raw sounds of the original carols whilst mixing in hints of their multicultural backgrounds creating a unique and exhilarating sound!

Rebecca Steel
Communications Manager

Have a listen to some of Jogleresa’s tracks on this Spotify Playlist

Monday 19 December 7.00pm
Shoreditch Church
Tickets: £5 – £15


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