In the House… with a piano

We thought it was time for another treat from our In the House project from our last Winter Festival. Composer Carter Callison and pianist Florian Mitrea worked closely together on a programme inspired by 9 Elder Street, one of the Georgian houses in the historic Liberty of Norton Folgate. Carter’s Dream Weavers was written especially for the occasion. Enjoy a recording and what Carter had to say of his experience writing the piece below.

‘My work on Dream Weavers began after accepting a commission for a site-specific piano work for the Spitalfields Music Winter Festival. The location happened to be a Georgian House that was built in 1726. The first inhabitants of the house were part of the silk weaving trade that was flourishing in Spitalfields in early 18th century England. When first visiting the house, I was struck by a sense of mystery that seemed to be embodied in the historic building.  I could not help but imagine myself relocated to the past by seeing the exquisite craftsmanship of the structure. In writing the piece, I decided to make liberal use of the piano pedal in an attempt to capture the mysterious elements of the house. The octatonic lines in the piano flow up and down, as I would imagine silk to be manipulated on a loom. It is my hope that this work dutifully portrays the historic beauty of this treasured part of English heritage.’

Read more about In the House from Programme Manager: Festivals, Ellie here.

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