Lights, Camera, Action on the Midsummer Street Party

Our newest team-member and Development Administrator, Phil Chandler talks about his first few weeks at Spitalfields Music and being thrown in at the deep-end of cinematography!

Our Development Administrator, Phil

As the newest recruit to the Spitalfields Music team, I had envisaged my first few weeks being full of inductions, lots of reading and hunting out the best coffee shops. Little did I know that I was soon to be thrust into the world of online fundraising and amateur film-making, charged with the task of creating a video for our Midsummer Street Party fundraising campaign. Alongside our Development Manager Camille, and armed with little more filming experience than some shaky footage of a teenage Spanish holiday, we headed out into various Spitalfields locations to conduct some interviews with the Street Party organisers and participants.

After a few hours of fumbling with tripods and voice recorders, we reviewed our footage and created a short clip with the help of our in-house editing wizards. With our video deemed fit for public consumption, we put together the rest of our fundraising campaign and it was ready to go: our fundraising hit the web!

The project made for an exciting first month at Spitalfields Music, and donations for the Midsummer Street Party have been rolling in via the campaign’s Just Giving page. The party will capture the magic of Spitalfields and the diversity of its residents, and combine the fantastic work of both our Festival and Learning & Participation teams. Learn more about the day from the finished product of our first foray into filmmaking – and don’t forget to donate!

Check out Phil’s handiwork below!

Donations can be made online via

Find out more about the Midsummer Street Party on the website.


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