Spitalfields Speaks returns

Spitalfields Speaks is making a return!

A couple of years ago we worked with five extraordinary local characters, who along with sound artist Duncan Chapman created five very different downloadable audio works which offered unique alternative perspectives into the East End of London that we love.

I’m excited to announce that it’s time for Spitalfields Speaks round two! Over the past few months we’ve been working with some truly inspiring individuals to continue the project and add more voices and stories to the map. Working with Duncan, Marge, Rodney and Shiv has been great fun and has included many hours of reminiscing and reflecting upon the power of sound to evoke memory, place and identity.

What’s more, this time round you too can get involved so watch this space – check back in a few weeks time when all will be revealed and you’ll find out how you too can contribute. In the meantime, I’ll leave you in the fine company of Mike, Jez, Madge, Beryl and Sharif.

Visit the Spitalfields Speaks page on our website to explore further.

This project was made possible through a Transformers grant, funded by The National Lottery and managed by East London Business Alliance – for which we are very grateful.

Ellie Folkes
Programme Manager: Festivals 


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