What is CLoSer?

CLoSer is leading UK orchestra City of London Sinfonia’s popular informal concert series, which takes place at the Village Underground in Shoreditch. This series there are three concerts on 19 September, 13 February and 10 April and all are designed for both the complete beginner and the classical music enthusiast.

So what makes a CLoSer gig special?
The clue’s in the name – these concerts give you a chance to get closer to the music and the musicians. CLoSer concerts are short, informal and intimate. Village Underground is far removed from the traditional concert halls and churches you usually find classical music in. There are no rows of seating nd no stage. Instead we scatter the floor with cushions so that you can relax, get comfy and closer to the music .

What kind of music is performed?
We perform a wide variety of music from Bach to Stravinsky, from jazz to tango, and have a diverse range of Guest Artists at each concert. There are ‘talking’ programme notes throughout the performance, so you don’t need to know anything about the composers, music or performers beforehand.

CLoSer at Village Underground

Is it going to be really formal?
This concert series is designed to appeal to those who like their live music experiences to be intimate and informal and enjoy a glass of wine while listening! There is no traditional concert seating so you can sit on beanbags or stand and there’s no dress code so you can wear whatever you like.

Can I take a drink into the concert?
Yes, of course. The bar opens at 6.45pm and remains open throughout the performance.

How long does the concert last?
Each concert lasts 80 minutes, with no interval.

How much are the tickets?
Tickets for each CLoSer concert are just £15 which includes a free drink from the bar! If you are aged 16-25 years old, whether you are a student or not, you are eligible to sign up for our FIVER scheme which entitles you to tickets for just FIVE POUNDS!We also do Early Bird tickets for just £1. Early Birds are now sold out for September’s concert – you have to get in there fast!


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