Experimental Approach: Learning & Participation programme highlights

Sitting at my desk after a three week period of intense planning and meetings with our amazing musicians and partners, it’s clear to me that Shoreditch trendies don’t have a monopoly on experimental mixing of ingredients and cutting edge cultural practice!

We have an amazing season of Learning & Participation work planned, parts of which you’ll witness in our two festivals. Others, like the base of an iceberg, often remain hidden from view but continue day in and day out on the cusp of the City of London and Tower Hamlets with and for our local communities.

The Cherry Trees School

Image: Ruxandra Mateiu

More than ever this year, we feel it’s important to take a deliberately radical approach to delivering exceptional music-making experiences for people of all ages – seizing every opportunity to re-assert the importance of musicians working within the community and schools as a fundamental human right.  We shall mix the forces of participants young and old, including exceptional producers, teachers, staff in libraries and children’s centres, local families and cultural institutions with world renowned musicians and artist educators in our schools, elder’s centres, hospital and libraries across Tower Hamlets to create a place for musical exploration and life changing experiences.

Musical Rumpus: A Fairy Queen in the Forest

Musical Rumpus: A Fairy Queen in the Forest. Image: James Berry.

Some personal highlights for the Winter and Spring include:

  • the start of our new Trainee Music Leader scheme targeting early career musicians from the BAME community to join us for a year to bring their skills as musicians beyond the concert platform;
  • Purcell’s Fairy Queen in the Forest for under 2s tour to libraries and children’s centres in Newham and Barking & Dagenham
  • Winter Wonderland, which draws together young people between 14 and 18 in Tower Hamlets to help run and create musical acts for Bubble Club, a spectacular nightclub for young adults with disabilities;
  • The first Festival Takeover designed and delivered by Year 3s at Cannon Barnett Primary School drawing on all the resources of Spitalfields Music artists and management;
  • Songlines a collaboration between local elders and primary school pupils, together with a team of artists and musicians will sing Spitalfields and Shoreditch into existence through individual song maps and journeys, presented at the magical Hoxton Hall in Summer.

In short, just think of the Learning & Participation team as the resident Spitalfields Music mixologists and keep an eye on our website to hear about the stories of participants as the projects come to life over the next few months.

Clare Lovett
Programme Director: Learning & Participation


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