Toddling around the East End

In a change to my traditional morning commute, on Wednesday last week I found myself heading deep into London’s East End to visit the Altmore Children’s Centre in Newham for the penultimate performance of our Musical Rumpus: A Fairy Queen in the Forest tour. As a member of the Development team, it is both inspiring and rewarding to see the outcomes of projects we fundraise for. In Musical Rumpus, babies, toddlers and their parents enter an immersive music-theatre experience – a re-imagining of Henry Purcell’s The Fairy Queen creating a multi-sensory world of music, sights, sounds and textures for 0-3-year-olds to explore.


Musical Rumpus on tour.
Image: Laura Fensom.

As the performance got underway, I was intrigued by how engaged both the children and their parents were. A toddler who had been crying as she arrived at the centre was now sporting an expression of curiosity and delight, while a number of the children were on their feet, exploring the performance space and interacting with the singers. Others remained on the perimeter, happy to experience the performance in the laps of their parents – many of whom seemed equally enthralled and generally delighted to be sharing the experience so closely with their child.

I was proud to be part of an organisation that had brought live classical music and opera to over 350 children and as many adults over the course of the Musical Rumpus tour. For many it was their first experience of classical music and opera, and from a fundraising point of view it made me even more determined to reach our target so that our next tour can go ahead in 2013. To make this happen, we are taking part in The Big Give Christmas Challenge – a 3-day online fundraising campaign, kicking off this Thursday. Every penny will help, so if you are able to, please support our campaign to bring another magical experience to 350 more babies and toddlers. You can find out more about the project and how your donation could be doubled on our website.

To donate to our Big Give Christmas Challenge visit The Big Give website at 10.00am on Thursday 6th, Friday 7th and Saturday 8th December. Take a look at our Musical Rumpus tour video.


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