Intern Diaries: Sanaa

I’ve never been one for sunbathing.  Whenever on holiday, I like to fully absorb how the locals live, work and play.  I like to leave feeling like I know the area and, as cheesy as it sounds, a little patch of the world.

When I first arrived at Spitalfields Music, I was carrying with me a wealth of wonder, keen to pick up all manner of things related to London life on the way whilst delving into as much work and opportunity as possible. The feeling I get when I go on holiday ties in with how I’m left feeling towards the end of my time at Spitalfields Music: knowledge has been successfully accumulated indeed.  Walking down the street to the office every morning has been quite the visual treat – the stomach observes this too.  I will miss hearing the hustle and bustle of the market right at our doorstep but most of all,  I feel that really getting to the know the area has been key to understanding Spitalfields Music place and importance in the wider community.

Gaining insight and hands on experience of the working world is invaluable for any intern. Thanks to the Spitalfields Music office layout being with all departments situated in one room, there is a lot available to soak up and take in. My biggest piece of advice would be to observe and report.  Listen and note everything down and you’ll find that you have learnt light-years beyond what you have imagined and expected to. Being able to see and hear about all of the staff’s efforts and upcoming projects whilst you’re busy working away really is special.

Maybe it’s because at the age of five I would imagine Robert Englund going back home at the end of his working day on set from playing Freddy Krueger, tucking his kids to bed and then practicing his lines in his bathroom mirror, the magic of film, theatre and music performances has, for me, always lain ‘behind the scenes’, the makings of as such. I’ve always wanted to be a part of an organisation that delivers something exciting to an audience, but where I could still feel amazed backstage by the production process. One of the great perks of being an intern with Spitalfields Music has been assisting with the run up to the Winter Festival programme.  Being truly welcomed and involved in the process right from the moment you walk in – though it may seem overwhelming at first – allows you to understand what it takes to put on the events.

I’m so thankful for all the responsibilities that were assigned to me after being offered the Marketing and Box Office Assistant position, because being behind the scenes of the forthcoming Summer Festival 2013 has given me great appreciation for the kind of work I’ve been involved in and in its own way, the world I want to be a part of.


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