Canon Barnett Takeover Festival: Treasure Hunt

On Friday 22 March, Canon Barnett Primary School will be hosting their very own music festival: Canon Barnett Takeover Festival, programmed and performed by their Year 3 & 4 students. Involving not just the children but also parents and staff, the school will be turned into a concrete jungle of rhythms, music and poetry; along with the help of musicians Jessie Maryon-Davies and Rus Pearson.

Pupils from Canon Barnett Primary School

Pupils from Canon Barnett Primary School. Photo: Alys Tomlinson.

Over the past few weeks, the students have been developing a dynamic  expression of the cityscape through songs, sounds and poetry.

Part of this included the creation of Treasure Hunt, a collaborative poem wherein each student contributed a line loosely based around their morning trip to school.

Treasure Hunt

There’s a blue door
Knock three times
Walk down the corridor
Watch out for cobwebs
Walk up the stairs

 Into the kitchen
There are plates and small cups
Open the oven

 Walk in, stay low
Open the golden door
Dance into the garden
Grab a bike and ride

 Into the sewers
Watch out for poisonous spiders
And toxic poo!

Climb up the toilet pipe
Into the Queen’s toilet
In Buckingham Palace
Say hello to the Queen
She will invite you to swim in her pool

 It’s very hot, be careful
Swim until you find a cave
There are cockroaches
And mice

 And a man
Ask him  – where do we go?
He’ll tell you to shrink

 Find a rat’s hole
There will be five cockroaches
Riding a bike
And a man-eating spiders
The spiders will transform into two doors

 Open number one
Walk inside
You will be surrounded by sweets
Don’t eat them
They’ll be out of date

Find the door
To Gunthorpe Street
Walk out

Don’t tread on the grass
There’s a school
Open the door


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