Me, Myself, Us!

The Cherry Trees. Photo: Ruxandra Mateiu.

The Cherry Trees School. Photo: Ruxandra Mateiu.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been working with The Cherry Trees boys school in Bow delivering fun and engaging creative sessions including drumming, singing, songwriting, live electronics, improvising and puppets!

Opening in 1997, the school works with primary school pupils who have behavioural, emotional and social difficulties. Spitalfields Music has been presenting musical activities at the school for just over (a whopping) ten years!

Me, Myself, Us is a project which encourages the children to think about how people use their voices and faces to communicate, how they might move and talk, and the things they might say. What can you tell from someone’s expression? Have a look at one of the excellent puppets they’ve made with puppeteers Zoilo Lobera and Andre Verissimo.

The Cherry Trees - Me, Myself, Us

The Cherry Trees – Me, Myself, Us

Below are some songs we’d like to share with you, written by the Red & Blue Class and the Green Class with singer and composer Roshi Nasehi.

The children will be performing to their classmates tomorrow, so good luck boys!

A public performance of the project will take place at Rich Mix on Tuesday 7 May at 1.30pm.

Memory Mapper
By the Red & Blue class

A fast motorbike in Canada
A steady camel in Tunisia
The strongest man in Malta
The best Las Vegas break-dancer

In Spain I was a footballer
In Iran a taxi traveler
And now a memory mapper
With Egypt on my radar.

I’d like to jog and surf America
Keep cool with paper fans in Australia
Bob sleigh like Cool Runnings in Jamaica
Swim in shark jammed waters

Maybe I could be a Polish snowman maker
A Japanese computer gamer
A Congolese Rainforest photographer
Or a Bangladeshi rickshaw driver?

I wonder what it’s like in Australia
Africa, China and the rest of Asia
New challenges ahead, new flavours
The hot, the chilly and the in between areas

Ipoding & Other Adventures
By the Green Class

Cliff falling in Portugal
Swimming in Morocco
Dive into the sea in Malta
See Polar Bears in the North Pole

View skyscrapers in Dubai
Play field sport in Japan
Climb the rocks in the USA
Or ipoding in my caravan

Explore more about The Cherry Trees project on our website.


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