Visuals by experimental film maker and sound artist Kathy Hinde


On Saturday 15 June, Powerplant will perform at Bishopsgate Institute from 8.00pm. Led by Nonclassical collaborator and eclectic percussionist Joby Burgess, Powerplant also features visual work by sound artist Kathy Hinde. Together they will premiere 24 Lies per Second in a spectacular audio-visual show including works by Graham Fitkin, Dominic Murcott, Steve Reich, Conlon Nancarrow, and Gabriel Prokofiev’s Suite for Global Junk.

Kathy has gained recognition for her kinetic sound sculptures, in particular Piano Migrations. By projecting videos of birds onto the insides of an old upright piano, Kathy creates an ever-changing musical score which uses flight patterns to activate the piano strings. In her words, ‘nature controls machines to create delicate music’. All technical information is available on Kathy’s website so it’s really worth checking out.

“The best work of the festival, however, was an unassuming installation in the foyer of the Scottish Music Centre. In Kathy Hinde’s Piano Migrations, a piano becomes a bird cage (or should that be a Cage bird)…”  The Arts Desk review from Sonic-a Festival, Glasgow.

If you can’t wait to see Powerplant perform on Saturday, see the taster video below of their landmark collaboration with Gabriel Prokofiev IMPORT/EXPORT – Suite for Global Junk.

‘Powerplant – an inspiring collaboration between percussionist Joby Burgess, sound designer Matthew Fairclough and visual artist Kathy Hinde – give electronic music a multimedia makeover.’ The Scotsman


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