Gazelle Twin: The Entire City (review)

In the run up to our Summer Festival, we offered Twitter followers the opportunity to enter Freebie Friday competitions each week with the chance of winning a prize relating to an artist featuring in this season’s events. Paul Murphy won Gazelle Twin’s album The Entire City and has been kind enough to write a review which you can read below. Enter The Entire City


The cover artwork for The Entire City, the impressive debut album from Gazelle Twin (aka Brighton musician and artist Elizabeth Walling) depicts a ruined and heavily overgrown cityscape, a skyscraper-scale Macchu Picchu. The inner sleeve photo depicts a dark, shambling shape walking (with dog) away from a shingled landscape with a nuclear power station looming in the distance.

Somewhere in between these two images lies Walling’s moody musical vision. Industrial, yet ethereal. Organic, often ephemeral, but diamond-hard on occasion. Sometimes the sound captures more than an echo of the 1990s Warp records ‘post-rock’ roster of acts such as Seefeel, Autechre and even the mighty Aphex Twin — and yet there’s a defiantly 80s feel to some of the synth sounds and percussive samples that provide the rhythmic drive for exquisite melodic lines provided by Walling’s beautiful and beguiling voice. Atonal harmonies glide alongside delicate, often alien chord changes. Vocoder effects, backwards voices and briefly repetitive modulating tones descend from the aether — it’s a heady, toothsome brew, resembling nothing if not some form of otherworldly communication: an electric seance.

Architecture, it has been said, is frozen music. Walling’s walls of sounds sweep and spread expansively, horizontally as well as vertical, to create considerable sonic edifices, each different, yet somehow unified. A disturbing sonic conurbation. An entire city, in fact.

Paul A. Murphy


Gazelle Twin has co-curated Flow Forms as part of Associate Artist Scanner’s mini-series in our Summer Festival. Taking place on Friday 21 & Saturday 22 June, Flow Forms explores hidden underground spaces around Spitalfields via a trail of pop-up performances and installations by juice vocal ensemble, Anna Meredith and Laura Moody of Elysian Quartet. The secret locations will be disclosed to ticket holders at the time of the event.

Tickets for Flow Forms can be booked via our website or by calling 020 7377 1362.


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