Being a Trainee Music Leader: Abimaro

trainee music leaders

Every year, we recruit musicians in the early stages of their career to join our Trainee Music Leaders scheme. Supported by Musicians Benevolent Fund, Ernest Cook Charitable Trust and the Thistle Trust, the scheme provides practical skills and support to those wanting to deliver music workshops and provide creative sessions in community-based environments.

Over the past year, Abimaro Gunnell has taken part in the scheme. Below, she tells us what it’s like to be a Trainee Music Leader and reflects on what she has gained from working with Spitalfields Music.

“Spitalfields Trainee Music Leaders scheme has been an amazing opportunity for me, and I can’t recommend the process enough to aspiring music facilitators.

The scheme has helped begin to equip me with the amour necessary and sufficient for the free-lance teaching battle, whilst providing me with the tools and network to hopefully continue building on the experience I have gained.

I have had experiences such as being thrown out of my comfort zone through teaching people double my age; having the privilege of singing to children in hospitals; and given the honor of witnessing how hopeful the world can become when our oldest generations join forces with our younger generations, to create truly unforgettable music together.

I have not found the process easy, and as a singer songwriter with numerous other commitments, the scheme has been a challenge at times. But the knowledge gained from the opportunities that Spitalfields Music provides to work with non-professional musicians, alongside incredibly inspiring and capable tutors, is well worth rising to the challenge for!

As a leader it has given me confidence in my abilities, clarity and much needed support to help in those areas where I am less able.  The Trainee Music Leaders scheme is a journey that has helped build the foundations of my music leading career, and has surprised and enthralled me with the variety of music leading opportunities available that seek to inspire, engage and introduce anyone to music.”


Applications for our Trainee Music Leaders scheme 2013/14 are now being accepted. For information on how to get involved, download the application pack from our website.


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