Twitter reviews – Summer Festival 2013 in your words


Throughout the Summer Festival, we were overwhelmed with positive responses to our programme via social media.  What you think of our work is really important and we were ecstatic to hear back from so many of you. To say thank you for all your feedback, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite comments from the Twittersphere. This is what you thought of Summer Festival 2013… And if you enjoyed it as much as we did, don’t miss our Winter Festival (details to be announced in September)!

Charles Hebbert ‏@charleshebbert 
@SpitsMusic Fantastic concerts at #spitalfields Summer festival. Marvellous use of church in A Portrait of Venice on Friday

Alastair Owens ‏@AlastairHackney
@EarlyOpera @SpitsMusic that was a stunning #Susanna Thank you! Easily our best #Handel experience this year (…and we’ve had quite a few)

Kenneth Muyiwa Tharp ‏@KennethTharp
Really enjoyed Monteverdi in a whole new light – live music & dance by @TonyAdigun @AvantGardeDance @AjaniRobia @SpitsMusic & @EarlyOpera.

Tom Flint ‏@tomflintbass
15 hours on and I’m still mesmerised by @EarlyOpera‘s performance of #monteverdiballets at @villunderlondon @SpitsMusic. Very nicely done.

Andrea Liu @awyliu
A perfect evening of Italian Baroque by @EnglishConcert @SpitsMusic.

CHROMA ‏@chroma_ensemble
Heart moved, eyes+ears newly happy #monteverdiballets @EarlyOpera @ChristianCurnyn @TonyAdigun @AvantGardeDance @villunderlondon @SpitsMusic

Waldegrave Ensemble ‏@WaldegraveEnsem
Feeling inspired after last night’s brilliant collaboration by @EarlyOpera @villunderlondon @SpitsMusic. #monteverdiballets #warehouseopera

Adam Biały ‏@BlancVerse
An absolutely enthralling eve at @SpitsMusic watching @EarlyOpera perform Handel’s #Susanna. Utterly, utterly captivating. In awe!

Aaron Holloway-Nahum ‏@AaronHNahum
@rarescale Thank you for the music! I really loved Michael Oliva’s RAIN DRIVE. Beautiful, surprising & elegant music.

Scanner ‏@robinrimbaud
A thoroughly engaging night under the streets of Spitalfields with @gazelletwin and @SpitsMusic releasing the secret sounds of the city


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