CLoSer: Film Screening: The New Babylon


Classical music comes out of the concert hall yet again with the new season of CLoSer, our series with City of London Sinfonia. Beginning on Wednesday 23 October, with a performance of Shostakovich’s score alongside a screening of the silent film The New Babylon.

Made in 1929, the film looks back to  the Paris Commune (otherwise known as the Fourth French Revolution) and features Shostakovich’s first film score where he famously juxtaposes the revolutionary anthem, La Marseillaise with Offenbach’s Can-can!

The New Babylon is a great piece of cinema with some fantastic visuals, so we’d like to share with you some stills from the film below:



NeueBabylon3You can buy tickets to see CLoSer: Film Screening: The New Babylon via our website.

Full price tickets are £15 (includes a free drink). 16-25 year-olds can purchase FIVER tickets for £5 (subject to availability). Discounted tickets do not include a free drink.

CLoSer is a partnership between City of London Sinfonia and Spitalfields Music.

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