Being a Trainee Music Leader: Ignacio

July 10, 2013_Canon_Barnett_LoRes_008

Ignacio at Canon Barnett Primary School

Being a Trainee Music Leader
by Ignacio Agrimbau

The Spitalfields Music Trainee Music Leader Scheme has provided me with a wealth of learning experiences which have enhanced my professional development in the area of workshop leading. It has also helped me to integrate diverse aspects of my research and independent music-making into my workshop and planning practice through inspiring exchanges of ideas with members of the Spitalfields team and associated professionals.

The scheme was focused on short and long-term projects that took place in East London, including interesting partnerships with the Royal Academy of Music and charity Magic Me. On top of the useful and supportive one-to-one meetings, I have enjoyed excellent training sessions delivered by top professionals in the field. My favourite aspect of the scheme was the chance to meet other Trainees with whom I delivered a final project after a nurturing learning period in which we shared skills, experiences and ideas.

In all of these projects I could appreciate Spitalfields’ core convictions on the power of music-making to enhance social mobility and integration. I could feel a real sense of belonging and enthusiastic commitment to the communities to which projects are delivered, fomenting creative exchanges and mutual learning.

Finally, considering how much this line of work involves addressing preferences and needs of potential participants, there is always the risk of inadvertently ignoring the Workshop Leader’s own needs and concerns. Spitalfields have proven to be exceptionally aware of our needs for support (be it material or logistic) and reassuring dialogue.

My plans for the future are to expand the range of my workshop delivery into other participant areas, as well as to explore further the potential of integrating of my work in ethnomusicological research and independent music-making, into the way I think about my role and field of action as a Music Leader.

Applications for our Trainee Music Leaders scheme 2013/14 are now being accepted. For information on how to get involved, download the application pack from our website.


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