The impact of music on confidence, team work and concentration

July 10, 2013_Canon_Barnett_005 - Credit James Berry

If you’ve been following our blog over the past few weeks, you’ll know that our Trainee Music Leaders have recently finished delivering workshops at Canon Barnett Primary School. Their final project was to devise a music-theatre work which explored the senses through sound by telling the story of ‘Mr Sense’.

After the project, we talked to all of the children about what they liked best about their time with the Trainee Music Leaders and what they’d learnt over the past few weeks.

Having listened to their feedback, it seemed as if many children had experienced a boost in their confidence following the final music performance where they performed as a group to the rest of the school. It was great to hear them stress the importance of team work, share how the creative sessions had improved their concentration, and (most of all) talk about how they had fun playing music and singing together, which is what music performance is really all about!

Here are just some of the things that they said:

What is your best memory of the project?

–          My best memory of the project was the final performance because the audience was paying attention and I was confident

–          When I performed in the show because I was shy then you encouraged me

–          My best memory was the performance because everyone loved it and we all had FUN!

What did you learn?

–          What I learnt from this project was to participate always

–          I learnt from the project that we need to do team work

–          I learnt how to listen carefully and focus

–          I couldn’t play an instrument properly but now I can

What surprised you?

–          I was surprised that some boys enjoyed it and they participated with everyone else

–          The thing that surprised me was that all the boys (including me) were singing in a loud clear voice

–          The thing that surprised me was when the boys who hate singing sang LOUD!!

Applications for our Trainee Music Leaders scheme 2013/14 are now being accepted. For information on how to get involved, download the application pack from our website.


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