Arun Ghosh releases new album


Earlier this month clarinettist and composer Arun Ghosh released his new album A South Asian Suite on Camoci Records. A few weeks on, the album has received high praise. Here are our favourite quotes from the reviews written so far.

‘Ghosh’s best album to date… It’s the prevailing clarinet of Ghosh, also on harmonium on a few tracks, that captivates throughout from the lively opening praise song ‘The Gypsies of Rajasthan’ capturing the charisma of Ghosh perfectly, with a melodicism and sense of attack that is quite different to anything you’ll hear on the contemporary jazz scene… A compelling listen’

A South Asian Suite is a step up even from the high standards Ghosh set with (Primal Odyssey)—a more cohesive work, a greater emotional scope… There’s plenty of jazz around today that makes the head nod with admiration, but too little that makes the heart leap with joy. A South Asian Suite makes the heart leap.’

‘Featuring nine extremely talented musicians and a whole raft of instruments, this is an evocative and poetic album. Ghosh’s playing is the driving force, but the ensemble move as one.’
Culture Capital

Listen to Arun’s Sufi Stomp from his new album.

In November, we’ll be running a competition via our Twitter channel where A South Asian Suite will be up for grabs. Follow @SpitsMusic to find out more.

Arun Ghosh: Winter Rasa
Tuesday 10 December, 7.00pm
Shoreditch Church (St Leonard’s)
Tickets from £5


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