In Video: Brand New Ancients

On Monday 16 December, Kate Tempest will present her new work Brand New Ancients produced in partnership with Battersea Arts Centre.

Check out the latest preview video for an excerpt of Kate’s narration and clips of the evocative score.

Nell Catchpole, music composer for Brand New Ancients

The soundtrack to Brand New Ancients, a blend of atmospheric soundscapes, hip hop, and classical music, is composed by Nell Catchpole and will be performed by Kwake Bass, Raven Bush, Natasha Zielazinski, Jo Gibson, Preetha Narayanan and Tara Franks.

Nell has worked most extensively with producer Brian Eno, arranging and recording strings for his solo album. She is currently an Associate of the String Department at the Guildhall School of Music where she teaches improvisation.

Tickets for Brand New Ancients are still available via our website.

Kate Tempest and Battersea Arts Centre On Tour, co-commissioned by the Albany.


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