The story of Frederick the Bold

On Monday 9 December, we’re presenting Sound Explorers at Shoreditch Church (St Leonard’s).

Delivered by our music leaders Isabelle Adams (vocal leader) and Sam Glazer (cello) with Jack Ross (guitar) and Sarah Mason (percussion), the story follows Frederick the field mouse on his journey of preparation for the winter months ahead.

Based on the book Frederick written by Leo Lionni in 1967, this field mouse prefers to collect the sun’s rays, colours and words to keep spirits high during the coldest of winters.

We asked presenter Isabelle Adams why she was inspired by the story:

“I was looking for a winter folk story as the basis for the concert. The one that I kept coming across was the ancient fable of the ant and the grasshopper which has been told in many versions through the ages. However, lots of these versions portray the singing, dancing grasshopper in a negative light compared to the hard-working ants who are gathering food for winter. Then I came across Leo Lionni’s Frederick about a family of field mice who are preparing for winter – all except Frederick who sits with his eyes closed soaking up the rays of sun while thinking of words to describe the feeling of warmth. What I love about this version is that it completely turns the moral of the story around to say that we need the singers and the dancers and the dreamers to warm our hearts and cheer our spirits as the cold winter days drag on and on.”

If you want to find out more about Sound Explorers: Frederick the Bold or our Learning and Participation programme, visit our website.

Suitable for 5-7 years olds.

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