A preview of Crows’ Bones

In December, Crows’ Bones will be coming to East London to showcase a specially curated selection of melancholic ballads and spine-tingling ghost songs. They’ll be delving into the dark heart of folk song with tunes old and new, and incorporating unexpected experimental techniques such as amplifying vocals with tin-can telephones!

Crows' Bones_-RJonny Walton_5

Becky Unthank sings into a tin-can telephone.

Crows’ Bones is an Opera North commission led by Lau accordionist Martin Green. The folk quartet has a stellar cast of handpicked folk luminaries including Becky Unthank, nyckelharpist Niklas Roswall and singer Inge Thomson.

Jo Nockels, projects manager at Opera North, says: “Folk songs have the most fantastic stories in them and, like opera, folk music often uses the human voice as a way of expressing deeply felt emotions. In searching out some of the scariest folk songs around, this show explores the drama inspired by our primal fears and darkest places – murdered lovers, unquiet spirits, the dead rising.”

Read our interview with Martin Green where he talks about the project and how the group came together.

Book tickets to see the group perform live in Shoreditch.

Thursday 12 December
Crows’ Bones
Shoreditch Church (St Leonard’s)


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