East London’s Turner Prize-winner


On Saturday 7 December, we’re heading over to Arnold Circus for some wintery celebrations with music-making, hot spiced apple juice and mince pies. Alongside these celebrations will be a light installation designed by Rachel Whiteread.

Rachel’s best known work is probably, House, a concrete cast of the inside of an entire Victorian home on 193 Grove Road, East London. Commissioned by Artangel, the sculpture was exhibited in place of the original house which had been knocked down along with the rest of the terrace earlier that year. Rachel was the first woman to win the Turner Prize and it was for House that she was awarded the Prize in 1993!

The Independent commented on the installation:

“A strange and fantastical object which also amounts to one of the most extraordinary and imaginative sculptures created by an English artist this century.”

See below for some of our favourite sculptures and installations that Rachel has created over the years.

Her Tree of Life at Whitechapel Gallery is permanently installed on the outside of their building, so next time you’re in the area, make sure to check it out!



'Tree of Life' (2012) at Whitechapel Art Gallery

‘Tree of Life’ (2012) at Whitechapel Art Gallery

'Monument' (2001) at Trafalgar Square

‘Monument’ (2001) at Trafalgar Square

'One hundred spaces' (1995) at Saatchi Gallery

‘One hundred spaces’ (1995) at Saatchi Gallery

'Embankment' © Tate 2005

‘Embankment’ © Tate 2005

Rachel Whiteread will be turning on the lights at Arnold Circus in the Bandstand Switch On. Come and join us on Saturday 7 December for a festive start to our Winter Festival!


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