Takeover! at Shapla Primary School

Takeover! is a relatively new project to Spitalfields Music that we’re bringing to our Neighbourhood Schools. It gives Year 3 pupils (aged 7-8) the chance to create, programme and produce their very own festival.

Over several weeks, the children become amateur producers with responsibilities to programme events and market them to the rest of the school. Having been at Canon Barnett and Shapla primary schools last year, Takeover! hits Kobi Nazrul Primary School this spring where they are programming a festival around the ancient Greek story of Persephone and her journey into the underworld.

We were with the Kobi Nazrul children today, as Katee, our Marketing & Box Office Assistant, introduced them to the world of festival marketing. Look out for updates from this Takeover! over the coming weeks, but in the meantime, enjoy what we gathered from Takeover! at Shapla Primary School, The Day the Moon Fell Down.

Events the children programmed included a jazz club called The Blue Moon.

Working with puppeteer Polly Beestone, they created a number of colourful characters including The Inventor who made various appearances around the school, and staged an enchanting shadow puppet show.

Takeover! brings music to every part of the school, from corridors to classrooms.

The children not only programme the day, but take on responsibility for promoting it, designing posters to let everyone know what was happening. Shapla Primary School spread the word about ‘Surprise pop-up events’, a performance of The day the moon fell down, and ‘Really, really, really, really, really big fun!!!’

When we asked the children what they thought of the project, one boy drew a picture of a super-cool car with Spitalfields Music written down the side (which is some of the best feedback we’ve ever received…).

Class drawings - Fahim_3


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