The winning East London piano


Over the last couple of month’s we’ve been searching for an East London piano to be included in Matthew Herbert’s 20 Pianos this Summer Festival. Having whittled it down to a choice six, we asked you our blog readers to choose your favourite.

After a closely-fought battle it was the ‘wartime vintage piano’ from our regular venue Shoreditch Church that topped the polls. This week Alex and Katee had the dubious pleasure of venturing down into the depths of the church crypt (mind the cobwebs!) to record the instrument for use in Matthew Herbert’s new piece.

Having been used to keep community spirits high throughout the war, the piano is now (literally) falling to bits, although as you can see from the photos, the soundboard is in surprisingly good condition! Miraculously it survived a fire last year in the crypt so maybe there’s life in it yet…

20 Pianos
Sunday 15 June
Rich Mix
Book tickets for £5*

*Book for Bryn Harrison’s Passing Light at the same time and see both events for £15!


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