Listen: Fieri Consort

The young and vibrant Fieri Consort will be making their Spitalfields debut this summer and we can’t wait!

We spoke to soprano Hannah Ely about how the ensemble came together, what type of music they’re passionate about, and their ambitions for the future. We predict big things for these talented singers, and their energy and enthusiasm for early choral music is infectious!

‘We all met on The Sixteen’s young artists programme, Genesis Sixteen in 2011. During the course we were sometimes coached in smaller consort groups and when the course came to an end the following year, we decided to continue singing together. Eight of us were going to be based in London that year, two voices per part, and this became the core group.

Our first gig was at St Martin-in-the-Fields in January 2012 at the Brandenburg Festival singing Allegri Miserere. We chose some of our favourite early sacred music to accompany it; Melgas, Lobo, Victoria… Some of which we were introduced to on Genesis Sixteen. We are still exploring the music of Melgas, a not so well-known Portuguese composer, and often programme his music. We also enjoy early secular music – madrigals in particular work well in our group and are popular in concert – and contemporary secular and sacred, for instance, we have recently been performing McDowall and MacMillan as well as commissioning some new works for our tour to Australia.

As we are a small, non-conducted ensemble, we have to be very particular about the music we perform. Often singing one or two to a part makes for dynamic performances where each and every singer is vital and all play an equal role in rehearsal and in musical interpretation. We learn so much from each other and really enjoy exploring our favourite music together as friends.

The name ‘Fieri’ means ‘to become’ in Latin which we thought was a fitting title for a group who began in ‘Genesis’ Sixteen and who have grown into young professional musicians. We have many ideas in the pipeline for the future, such as a tour to Scotland featuring Scottish music, a series of performances in less conventional venues and collaborations with instrumental ensembles. Above all we are looking forward to continuing to learn from each other and establishing our place in the busy choral world!’

To hear what they sound like live, check out this recording of the Fieri Consort in a sparkling performance of Gloriana Dances by Benjamin Britten.

And enjoy the playlist below featuring works from their programme by Dufay, Clemens non Papa and Josquin des Prez:

Fieri Consort
Thursday 12 June
Shoreditch Church (St Leonard’s)
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