Listen: Indeterminacy and experimentation


Esteemed contemporary pianist Tania Chen will be performing alongside an unmissable line-up of Ilan Volkov, Stewart Lee and Magnitude Ensemble in Familiar/Unfamiliar at Village Underground on Monday 16 June. They’ll be premiering the works of five British composers including former Cornelius Cardew associate Michael Parsons, Catherine Kontz and John Lely.

Both being Cage aficionados, Tania and Stewart toured together last year to present Indeterminacy, a programme which explored graphic notation, systematic minimalism and the experimental approaches of the New York School. Although Stewart has become a household name for his off-the-wall comedy, he is an avid follower of experimental music as their fellow collaborator and free improv performer Steve Beresford explains,

In his stand-up routines, he obsesses about the abuse of language; how people think they are expressing what they’re patently not. In this piece Cage is also interested about how language is structured. So we had a list of one person to do this – Stewart.”

See them perform together in the video below:

Interested in taking the sound of a piano into new territory, Tania tries out the Fluid Piano for the first time below. The piano which allows you to adjust the tuning microtonally as you play!

Come and see Tania and Stewart perform at the Village Underground in June – it’ll be an incredible night for new music and sonic experimentation!

Monday 16 June
Village Underground
Book now – student tickets are just £5!




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