What Next? – A new series from Spitalfields Music

What Next for arts education? What Next for culture in London? What Next for Tower Hamlets?


This Summer Festival we create a platform to reflect on what might be ahead of us, looking to provoke and inspire, challenge and encourage debate.

Inspired by the What Next? movement, we’ve brought together 21 individuals from a variety of expertise and backgrounds, including cultural leaders, educators, politicians, entrepreneurs, our own audience members and volunteers, to make short provocations asking What Next? for an area of cultural or civic life. Our speakers include: Rushanara Ali MP, David Lang, Tony Hall, and Matthew Taylor.

We’re releasing podcasts between Wednesday 21 May and Sunday 22 June. Each podcast will be available from 8.30am and you can listen here on our blog, on our website or subscribe to the series via iTunes.

We kick off the series with our Programme Director: Festival Kate Wyatt, who introduces why we wanted to put together the What Next? series.

Each podcast is design to spark debate, so please send us your thoughts in the comments below, by email (talk@spitalfieldsmusic.org.uk) or tweet to @SpitsMusic #WhatNext

We’re also inviting you to record and contribute you own What Next? provocation! Like our speakers, choose an a topic that you are passionate about, pose the question: What Next?, and record your thoughts in a 3-4 minute-long speech. Full details on how do to this are on our website.


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