L&P Project Snapshot #8: Circulate

This year our Learning & Participation programme celebrates its 25th birthday, and in the next of our Project Snapshots we’re taking a look at Circulate, a 2010 project in which we worked with young people to programme and produce their own live events.

kriss 8


In 2010-11 Spitalfields Music worked with a small group aged between 14 and 25 made up of young people living or studying in Tower Hamlets to programme and produce live music events in a project called Circulate.

Circulate produced Arnold Circus Family Day and Circulate Presents for the Spitalfields Music Summer Festival in June 2010 and built on their experience and skills to programme and produce one event during the Winter Festival 2010, guided by mentor Renell Shaw and receiving support from the Spitalfields Music team in areas such as marketing and production.

The group were in charge of all the processes and logistics of setting up both events from choosing and recruiting artists and musicians, to dealing with the publicity and promotion of the events and the practical logistics of staging them. They had regular planning meetings in the months preceding each event they kept in touch with Spitalfields Music and Renell Shaw throughout the process to get a feel for what it’s like to put together a live event.

In 2014 as we celebrate 25 years of our Learning & Participation programme, we continue to work with young people across the borough to plan and create their own live music experiences in Takeover, our project working with 8 year-old students in schools to produce their own day-long festival.

To find out more about our Learning & Participation programme, or to donate to our Add 25 appeal to support our work in Tower Hamlets, take a look at our website.


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