David Bates’s Festival Picks

This Summer Festival is packed full of intriguing events. To help you navigate the programme, we’ve asked our Associate Artists to share what they’d like to come to (excluding their own events!).

With just a month to go until our Summer Festival, we’re hearing from director of risings stars of early music La Nuova Musica, and Summer Festival Associate Artist, David Bates.

A Baroque Supper – Delicious food, music and playing. An irresistible combination.
Try a taster of what you can expect >>

Stile Antico – If you look carefully you may well see some Stile Antico faces singing in Israel in Egypt. They are dear friends of mine, and I admire all that they do!
Have a listen to Stile Antico in action >>

Emily Hall: Folie à Deux – Loneliness is often swept under the carpet in apparently loving relationships. I will definitely be booking my ticket to see Emily and Frederic Wake-Walker’s piece on this emotive subject.
Watch the trailer and find our more >>

Sacconi Quartet – These guys are GOOD! I’m intrigued as to what their immersive performance can offer.
Get listening to the Sacconi Quartet >>

Night at the Museum – Showing off an East London architectural gem!
Find music in unexpected places >>

As well as David’s top choices, there’s plenty more to discover this summer

Come and hear David’s concert picks >>

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