Shabaka Hutchings’s Festival Picks

This Summer Festival is packed full of intriguing events. To help you navigate the programme, we’ve asked our Associate Artists to share what they’d like to come to (excluding their own events!).

With less than a month to go until our Summer Festival, we got composer and saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings to talk us through some exciting events to come.

Emily Hall – Sound Among Sounds

I love the transparency and the sincerity of the works I’ve heard from Emily so it’ll be a pleasure to see how this manifests itself in the artists she’s curated for this evening.


This sounds totally fascinating. Opportunities like this which allow the audience to get a completely fresh perspective on the experience of receiving music always add depth to the way one listens.

Field Notes

Howard Skempton‘s work often suggests landscape and colour to me so it’s great to get to experience this as an explicit compositional inspiration.

In Depth : Georgian London

I love seeing how cities or communities retain aspects of the past and thinking about how modernity forces us to cast new light on ancient traits so this sounds great.

The Carnival Band

Often popular music is treated like a modern anomaly, its great to hear this music from yesteryear in a fresh context.

As well as Shabaka’s top choices, there’s plenty more to discover in Spitalfields this summer.

Come and hear Shabaka’s festival picks >>


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