Five facts about Beethoven

On Wednesday 10 June the Sacconi Quartet  perform Beethoven’s string quartet in A minor in a unique performance at Village Underground. As you hear the music, you can also follow the performers’ emotional journey through a robotic connection to their heartbeats.

As Beethoven doesn’t often appear on our festival programme, we’ve dug up five interesting facts about him ahead of the performance:

  1. Beethoven’s birth date was long questioned, and for years it was thought he was born in 1772 rather than 1770. This could have been an attempt from his father to make him seem younger than he actually was, and so more talented for his age(!)

beethoven 1

  1. No one knows exactly when Beethoven composed his first piece, but his earliest official work dates back from 1782 (aged just 12 years old!). It comprises of nine variations for piano in C minor, which was unusual for the time and an especially hard key to play in!

beethoven 2

  1. It’s fairly well know that Beethoven lost his hearing, but did you know he was only 25 when he started going deaf? Communicating on conversation paper, it is a marvel that Beethoven managed to write music even after his deafness became complete around 1802.

beethoven 3

  1. Aside from music, Beethoven was a particularly keen drinker. It is known he was once arrested by the police for being a trump. And when he died in 1827, his autopsy revealed a shrunken liver caused by cirrhosis.

beethoven 4

  1. Right before he died, an admiring publisher bought Beethoven 12 bottles of wine. It is thought the parting composer’s final words on his death bed were as follows: ‘Pity, pity, too late!’

beethoven 5

Enjoy a deeper emotional connection to Beethoven’s String Quartet in A minor, Op.132 through being connected to the performers heartbeats via handheld robotic hearts in Heartfelt. 

6.30pm, Wednesday 10 June
Village Underground
Book tickets now >>


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