The Five Best Dinner Parties of All Time

In anticipation of the dinner party of the year hosted by pop-up dining geniuses Disappearing Dining Club as part of our Winter Festival, we take a look at the best dinner parties of all time.DDC

Dinner parties have been around since the dawn of time, though perhaps the dawn of wine would be more appropriate in some of these instances.  From the extravagant medieval banquet, to a casual BYOB with friends, the dinner party and its style have evolved, but its essence remains the same.


1.The Banquet of Trimalchio, 1 A.D

Serving an astounding 12 courses, including the likes of a whole wild boar accompanied by suckling piglets, Trimalchio’s lavish dinner parties in Petronius’ Satyricon have set a high standard since the first century, inspiring the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald, for Gatsby’s wild shindigs.






2. JFK’s 45th Birthday Party, 19 May 1962

Held at the third Madison Square Garden, this was the infamous night where Marilyn Monroe sauntered over to the mic in her skin-tight dress and fur throw, and sang a sultry rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to President, just three months before her death.








3. Villa Diodati, summer 1816

During a bleak summer’s evening near Lake Geneva in Switzerland, poet Lord Byron suggested everyone take their turn telling ghost stories, and alas, Shelley created a monster. Talk about creative juices.









4.The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, all day everyday

OK, arguably, this was at tea-time, but with a mad hatter, singing mice, and no sense of time, it fits right in with these late-night extravaganzas.






5. Nicolas Fouquet’s Fete, Vaux-le-Vicomte, 17 August 1661

Fouquet, finance minister to king Louis XIV of France, put his hard work towards creating the greatest chateau in the country, which became the hub of high society. So wild were his dinners, he was accused of misappropriation of the Crown’s money, and was arrested and imprisoned for life. Now that’s a party lifestyle…



6. Disappearing Dining Club, Disappearing Dining Club5 December 2015

Well, the only way to find out what happened is to come along…

Get me a ticket >>



The Disappearing Dining Club
5 December 2015, 6:30pm
Shoreditch Church (St Leonard’s)
Book tickets now


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