LivingArts: Update 4

LivingArts is a new project which re-imagines care homes as arts centres, through an eight-week residence in Aspen Court Care Home working with musicians. Each week we will be hearing from someone working on the project. This week we hear from visual artist Lucy Steggals about her experiences planning and participating in the project…

This week I went mud larking on the river Thames. Underfoot were so many small pieces of bone, pot, brick, shell, clay pipe etc. some definable/decipherable, some not. All talking, all evidence of something and all fascinating in their own way. It brought me back to thinking about the value of fragments and incomplete parts. These small but enormously valuable bits that have broken off from something.

Here are some small things from people we have met over the last few weeks:LivingArts 4 Picture

Hello hello hello

A beautiful lovely where do I go

A man on the move he never used a bus

I don’t like to wait it’s too late

From Hackney to Great Portland street seven days a week

We used to play at normal things

I am just an ordinary person

I sit down and have a chatter

I like listening

I went to see if I could see but I couldn’t

I like to know things

A bell is alone

Sing till you get worn out

Blimey Limehouse!

This is a posh place are we good enough?

It’s nice to pick up something to speak aboutLivingArts Picture

Today is today

Doing Doing whoop

You know me and I know you

There is a flower called happiness

Purple with grey hair

I bought a Siamese cat black and white like an old man going grey

Get up to dance

Move Ha

I keep thinking it is us that needs to see differently. Perhaps we need to be braver to try to find through the music, art, movement and conversation new ways to make audible/visible this unique ever-changing language of fragments that is firmly rooted in the now.


Follow the blog for regular updates from members of the team as we move towards our festival day on Wednesday 6 April. For more information about the LivingArts project visit our website

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.


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