The eight-sided concert hall

This year we are adding a brand-new venue to our Summer Festival, The Octagon at Queen Mary University of London. Once a library, and once the home of BBC’s Question Time, and now the concert hall for the Schubert Ensemble.

Spitalfields Music.Built in 1887, it was originally part of the People’s Palace and is one of the few parts to survive a fire in 1931.

It used to be the library for Queen Mary University, inspired by the Reading Room at the British Museum. This bookish influence still remains: the shelves are filled with colourful books, and the dome is adorned by  busts of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dryden, Milton, Johnson, Wordsworth, Scott and Byron. You’ll be in good company when you see the Schubert Ensemble perform!

Book your tickets now to see the Schubert Ensemble perform in this stunning building in East London.

Spitalfields Music.

Octagon schools concert, QMUL, 14 March 2016.








Spitalfields Music.


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