Open Call: Jackie Walduck


Open Call artist Jackie Walduck talks about her work The Migration Game.

Drawing on practices of immersive theatre and computer gaming, The Migration Game places its audience as migrants to London. To progress to successive scenes in different spaces, they must solve puzzles and clues which are embedded within the music itself. The goal is to find your treasure – perhaps a settled life, a career, a family, a home in one of the world’s most vibrant and wealthy cities. Pitfalls are an incomprehensible bureaucratic system, the migration police, and the maze of cultural norms to be negotiated. The audience will be encouraged by the character Hope – the spirit of hope who has vowed to take care of all who move from one culture to another.

The story of migration is a key narrative theme of Spitalfields, of London and in fact of Britain. It fascinates me that there is no single narrative – it’s many, many stories; all of our stories, and telling these multiple stories through music, theatre and the game that the audience plays is at once exciting, and intriguing. In ensemble improvised music, we may hear a series of interactions played out through the music, each person bringing their sound, imagination, musical history. There’s often not a dominant musical discourse but simultaneous narratives or threads which either interweave or rub along together, or stand in stark relief against one another. I don’t want to tie this all up too neatly, but I’m feeling very excited by something I’ve loved about improvised music – those multiple narratives – to become a starting point for story telling.

Open Call is a new initiative to support three music creators in laboratory-style commissions; offering opportunities to challenge compositional practice, explore working in new ways and provoke dialogue between composers, ideas and audiences.

Open Call is a rare opportunity to create a work that’s genuinely stretching in terms of practice.  Whilst the project builds on my current practice with improvisation and backbone composition, it’s taking me in new directions towards immersive theatre, how improvised music might work with gaming, and new ways of thinking about the multiple roles of music in theatre/opera.” Jackie Walduck

You can experience Jackie’s work in progress during Spitalfields Music Winter Festival.
Date & venue to be confirmed.

Open Call is supported by PRS for Music Foundation.

Jackie Walduck is a composer and vibraphone player whose work engenders the meeting points between composition and improvisation. She has performed her work across Europe and in the Middle East, with musicians as diverse as the Philharmonia, Kala Ramnath, and the Royal Army Band of Oman. Jackie’s project is an immersive opera with a narrative based on experiences of migration in which the audience explore a space, encountering different aspects of a musical world, interacting with characters and solving musical puzzles to find their way to the treasure at the end.


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