Open Call: Timothy Cape


Open Call artist Timothy Cape gives an insight into his new project, which will be presented as a work-in-progress event at the Winter Festival.  

I want to create a performance piece based on personal reflections on the value of work from across the economic spectrum of Tower Hamlets. The material for the piece will be made up of interviews, field recordings, in-work performances and devised ‘worker portraits’, all made with people working in the area.  

Musically, I’m interested in using interviews as source material as I like exploring the musicality of conversational speech. I’m interested in the topic as I’m aware of political rhetoric in relation to “hard working people” being used to justify wealth inequality. 

 I wonder; what does a work song sound like in the era of tech startups, zero hour contracts, unpaid internships, Uber, Deliveroo and automated self check-outs?

Open Call is a new initiative to support three music creators in laboratory-style commissions; offering opportunities to challenge compositional practice, explore working in new ways and provoke dialogue between composers, ideas and audiences.

I’m excited that Open Call is allowing my project to be moulded and inspired by my time spent in the area of Tower Hamlets, and shaped by the people that engage with the project. I’m excited by the brief to create innovative work that engages the community and is accessible and relevant as well as experimental. Timothy Cape

Date & venue to be confirmed.

Open Call is supported by PRS for Music Foundation.

Timothy Cape is a composer and performer interested in the theatrical possibilities of musical performance. Recent projects have developed beyond instrumental work, exploring the use of language as a tool for a performance’s introspection. His interest in the inherent musicality contained in the nuances of conversational speech has led to pieces dealing with political issues such as advertising and the value of work, and other themes such as the ego of the artist and the anxiety of the performer. Timothy’s project, currently titled Worker Portraits, is an investigative performance project with participants from across the broad economic spectrum of Tower Hamlets. He will illuminate diverse perspectives on the value of hard work through an engaging process of one-to-one interviews, field recording sessions and devised mini performances. These activities will feature in and inform a multi-media performance piece, devised with and featuring a select few of the project participants alongside professional performers.

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