60 Seconds With… Geoffrey Webber

This week, Caius College Choir director Geoffrey Webber recieves the mintue-long grilling. Read about his musical tastes and more!

Bach or Handel?

Monteverdi Madrigals or Vespers?

Renaissance or baroque?

Concert or Evensong?
Not equivalents!

What was the first CD/LP/Album you bought?
Single: T Rex, Album: Rachmaninov Piano concertos

Do you have a favourite piece or repertoire to perform, if so what?
John Taverner, Dum transisset sabbatum

Do you have any pre-concert rituals?
Forgetting my contact lenses

Why did you want to take part in the Winter Festival?
Because of its superb creative programming; also it’s out of University Term so easier for us to perform out of Cambridge!

Madrigals Transformed
Tuesday 14 December, 6.30pm
Christ Church Spitalfields
Tickets: £5 – £22
Book now!


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